A Model of Love, Banfi and that Unique Philosophy

The final farewell to Rudy Buratti was painful and emotional. But the Chief Winemaker of Banfi, who passed prematurely of an incurable disease at only 56, remains forever in the heart of all who knew him and appreciated his great gifts, both humane and professional, qualities that are not always taken for granted in the world of wine. The story of Rudy Buratti is intrinsically tied to that of Banfi (where he worked for a solid 35 years) and will never be forgotten because they are indelibly written on the pages of our living history, part of this town’s story, and of its radical transformation over the most recent decades. Rudy, “a Trentino to his bones”, as Ezio Rivella described him to MontalcinoNews, arrived in the land of Brunello when he was very young, just over 20. He assisted – and played the role of protagonist – in the worldwide success of a winery that lifted with it the entire territory, launching the previously unknown name of Montalcino. The “Banfi
Model” taught us all and was a revolution for the world of wine. But a winning business model cannot withstand the test of time if it is not backed by a sincere philosophy of love for the territory and, above all, those individuals who, with great passion and daily commitment, make it all possible. People are truly the priceless capital of a company, and those for whom Banfi has demonstrated a deep respect and attachment. Cristina Mariani-May, family proprietor of Castello Banfi, wanted to be at the funeral of Rudy Buratti. She did it “quietly,” taking a flight from the US and mixing in with the people here, with those who also knew Rudy and who loved him. She spoke words that touched our hearts. Her farewell to Buratti transformed within seconds to the farewell from all of us. Mariani-May’s presence was quiet and understated, but her beautiful gesture did not go unobserved. Because it came from the heart, humble and sincere. Just like Rudy.