A single-minded, unapologetic quest for quality has landed Scrinzi the top winemaking job at Bolla, Italy’s iconic wine ambassador to the world. His 2008 appointment reflects Bolla’s commitment to its venerable name in classic wines from northeast Italy’s Veneto region, bent on re-connecting the most celebrated name in Veronese winemaking with its illustrious past.

Scrinzi has a good deal of first-rate material and resources to work with. Bolla controls and enjoys access to 692 acres of vineyards in the Valpolicella district alone. To improve quality, Scrinzi has initiated a careful review of each vineyard, with a grade based on the quality of fruit.

Bolla’s viticulturalist, GianAntonio Merconi, who also oversees management of growers and the coordination of harvest, works closely with Scrinzi. Growers are taught how to reduce their dependence on pesticides and chemicals. The incentive: significant quantities of grapes are available so competition for Bolla’s custom can be intense — so Scrinzi and Merconi can afford to be strict in their selections.