2017 Study Guide

A dozen winemakers and winery proprietors have traveled from their vineyards and cellars to share with you the nuances, character, and – yes – even secrets of their realm. To bring their discussions to life they’ve prepared class materials that include wines from seven regions in Italy as well as France, Chile and Washington State; sparkling and still; red, white, and rose; conventional, organic, biodynamic, or fortified; all of them speak of a sense of place that we will travel to virtually, and each of them represents a good part of the life’s work of these individuals and their families.


2017 Homeroom – Pastries and Prosecco

2017 Digging In – Celebrating the Unique Terroirs of La Bella Italia

2017 Beyond the Pale – Traditions and Innovations in Italian Rose through the Winemakers Eyes

2017 Building a Brunello from the Ground Up – A Winemaker’s Perspective

2017 Amarone Amore – Ancient Techniques for Contemporary Tastes: Style Variations and the Future

 2017 Not Your Nonna’s Marsala – A Sweet Finish and a Bitter Note